Making Myself

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Love List

Another love list! I know, so unutterably exciting. But you know what? I like love lists.

  • Knitting projects.
  • Distributed Proofreaders. I really like DP. It’s an organization of volunteers who put together e-books for Project Gutenberg. I’ve had an account there for years, but I’m still only a P1 proofer (less than 300 pages proofed) because every time I start to get into the swing of things my computer dies. I’ve started proofing again—and crossing my fingers and knocking on wood and throwing salt over my shoulder, etc., in the hope that my computer won’t suddenly explode—and am now nearing the 300-pages mark, drawing ever closer to P2.

    Distributed Proofreaders is a very nerdy but highly interesting thing to be a part of; I’ve proofed pages on all kinds of books I’d never heard of, many of which were genuinely fascinating, funny, or well-written. I’ve no idea how many books I’ve contributed to, but there’s something pleasing about knowing I’ve helped make books available for other people to read and have helped preserve, in e-book form, old books that might not make it otherwise, and it’s enjoyable to be a part of a community dedicated to those things.

    Plus, I just like proofing. I am that nerdy.

  • Blanket forts.
  • Downton Abbey. (Episodes available online for a limited time at the PBS Masterpiece site.) I love Bates so very much. The second season won’t be out till next year, and this ensaddens me. (Shh. It’s totally a word.)
  • Breaking out of my shell, or at least making a little crack in it. I’ve been weirdly sociable the last couple of weeks, for me.

    I’ve posted comments on people’s blog entries instead of just lurking, I’ve e-mailed a silly “happy blogiversary” MS Paint drawing to somebody I don’t know very well instead of just laughing about it myself and then deleting it, I’ve tweeted links to people I thought would be interested in them instead of worrying about making a nuisance of myself. And to my surprise, people responded positively. In one case, my comment was mentioned a few days later in a new blog entry, and someone else commented about it in a way that made my day. My MS Paint card was tweeted about and then posted on the blog, and other commenters seemed to find it amusing as well (and I felt hugely gratified to have provided some amusement for that group of people, whom I like so much and whose community has given me a lot). A link I sent was retweeted by the recipient and then retweeted by several other people.

    It’s not OH MY GOD PEOPLE PAID ATTENTION TO ME. It’s that I tried to contribute something that I thought might be valuable or interesting, and apparently I managed to succeed. The main reason I have such a hard time talking to people or delurking online is that I’m always terribly afraid I’m making a nuisance of myself. I made a real effort over the last couple of weeks to say something when I had something to say, and—in a startling departure from the norm—I seem to have said things that were interesting. It’s a nice little start, at least.

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